Unlock the secrets hidden in London’s West End as we take you on a journey through 150 years of magical history, with some magic thrown in.

The Hippodrome
Wayne's hands shuffling a deck of cards

Visit venues where legendary magicians like Houdini used to perform, discover the rivalries between magicians and the lengths they would go to for success. Learn how magicians have used their skills to make scientific discoveries and debunk fraudulent claims. For Harry Potter fans, we visit some of the potential inspirations for the books. Stories are brought to life with magic tricks along the way and the tour finishes with an intimate close-up magic performance.

James point out something of interest.
The Hippodrome
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Our guides are seasoned storytellers, skilled magicians and senior members of The Magic Circle, the world’s premier magic society. Unlike most tours, which are for large groups of people, the London Magic Tour is just for you and your guests, so you get to enjoy a very personal experience.

With a new perspective on magic and London, you’ll never see some places in the same way again!

Highlights of the London Magic Tour:

Egyption Hall

Visit historic venues where renowned magicians dazzled audiences.

Street magic near the Burlington Arcade

Discover magic’s ‘golden age’ over 100 years ago – fantastic feats of magic and showmanship, amazing inventions and fierce rivalries. 

end of the tour magic tricks over coffee

See magic performed right in front of your eyes and enjoy your own private close-up magic show.

A private tour just for you and your guests, creating an unforgettable experience.